Do the math.

With six years of Home Economics class (yes…7th grade – 12th) I became pretty good at reading and analyzing a recipe.  Not only did we have to learn to measure, substitute ingredients and prepare the recipe….but one whole chapter was on Recipe Costing  (I think that’s what it was called!)  Breaking down a recipe to see what it actually cost per serving.  Yes…we even calculated what one tsp of salt cost stretched over 12 servings!!  I still mentally calculate this today when I am struggling with wanting to cook versus opting for a restaurant or convenience food instead.  Even a quick head calculation almost always proves a budget friendly cook at home result.   With the right tools in your kitchen and some quick effort, you will save a TON on your monthly food budget.

Take a Breakfast Sandwich for example:

One English Muffin – $0.20 (store brand $1.18 / 6 muffins)

One egg – $.09 ($1 dozen / 12 eggs)

One slice of cheese –  $0.17 (Kraft $2.68 / 16 slices) I usually use one slice of cheese for TWO sandwiches…so $0.08!

One sausage patty – $0.46 (Jimmy Dean $3.68 / 8 patties)


With these three ingredients, a toaster, OR a Breakfast Sandwich Maker…you can prepare this in the comfort of our own home…all for $0.92!!   And…. what a great kitchen lesson for young people.

These calculations are only for the financials….imagine all the other non-measurable benefits too: you get to control the ingredients (add some green chilies or bacon..and real eggs), less stress…no traffic to get there or waiting in line, teachable #lifeskill moment with kids,  …and your homemade version is gonna be HOT & FRESH.   Do the math next time you say ‘I can’t make it myself for that price….’  Can you really?!

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