One Stick ~ One Cup ~ One Cup

That’s it!  The easiest and best Apple Crisp recipe there is from my Grandma way back when. 

I just love how all of our favorite (and the not so favorite) recipes remind us of a specific time or person?  Like this Apple Crisp reminds me of my Grandma E….her house, her sewing, even her stove and backyard …… and then Apple Bars (the ones with pie crust on top and drizzled with powder sugar frosting!!) remind me crystal clear of my mom…our dining room table, walking into the house after school……   Food just has a wonderful way of warming our heart and going beyond the nurishment checkbox that’s for sure.

Apple Crisp: simply…fill your baking pan with peeled, cored, sliced apples.  Of course this is a small job if you have an Apple Peeler, Corer & Slicer…if not, turn some music on (or the latest episode of Poldark…a series you for sure should be watching on PBS!) and  get those apples ready to roll.   Fill your baking pan (any good sized pie plate or such) with the apples. Dot a tablespoon or so of butter around the mound.  Sprinkle with a tad of Cinnamon & Sugar.  YIKES!…saying ‘or such’, ‘or so’ and ‘a tad’….sounds old and experienced.  It’s happening…..


Then  mix/mash together with a fork until it looks like cornmeal: One Stick (butter) ~ One Cup (flour) ~ One Cup (sugar).  That’s it!  These pictures are half a recipe….since our household of two has no business eating an entire pie plate sized recipe.


Mound the topping onto your prepared apples. You will want a good sized mound..since the apples will shrink away during the baking.  Then it’s low and slow for an hour @ 325 degrees.  This is kinda one of the secrets…I tried to rush it one time and just wasn’t the same.


Can you smell it?  Can you taste the crunch of the topping? …the sweetness of the apples? Now the real question is ‘How will you eat it?’  In a bowl with a little milk or half/half or with a scoop of ice cream?…..or savor it plain with all the crunchy topping goodness?


Enjoy!  I would love to hear about your favorite Apple Recipe too and who it reminds you of.

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