If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon, you know pictures do not do it justice😳 In fact, Phil and I both laughed when we rounded the first viewpoint...it looked fake😎 • The cloudy weather and efficient shuttle system made our visit so perfect💃🏻 •Note: this picture is of a formation they call The Battleship.  #incrediblecreation #awe #southrim #philmariacrosscountry #grandcanyon #grandeaur #bucketlistcheck

More peppers🌶🌶🌶

I have more 'pepper pictures' than any one person should have🤪 Ever since Phil and I took our first trip to El Paso in 1984, I have been drawn to these roadside stands to purchase a #ristra or bag of freshly roasted peppers😎 Their entrepreneur spirits inspire me and nothing compares to the smells🌶 #zoomin and see the roasted peppers drying in the … Continue reading More peppers🌶🌶🌶

Friends, Trains & Chili Peppers🌶️

We rode the New Mexico Rail Runner Express from downtown #Albuquerque to #SantaFe for a fantastic day! I would HIGHLY recommend the train😎....it's convenient, beautiful scenery and relaxing! • All the Plaza food/beverage tours were booked so we created our own...and really found the best little places!! #greenchiliqueso #gourmetpizza #winery #brewery #chislic 💃 (check out Better With Food - Maria Barrios for those pics🤓)•Notes:• there is a 'quiet car' on … Continue reading Friends, Trains & Chili Peppers🌶️

Reality (laundry🤪) ….

Reality (laundry🤪) is always there! The difference when #rvliving though is it's a relaxing task💃 ...and you meet the most interesting 'friends' at the RV Park laundromat😎 • I also received MAIL📬 at the RV Park yesterday🎉....it reminded me of Church Camp @camplakodia way baaaack when!! You knew your mom (and grandmas🤣) loved you when your name was called during … Continue reading Reality (laundry🤪) ….

‘The heavens declare….

‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.’ Psalm 19:1 • #Incredible bucket list experience yesterday💃🏻 We floated for about an hour ...as high as 6,000 feet and covered ten miles☀️ Notes:•this bosque (spanish for forest) along the Rio Grande is the largest cottonwood forest in the world🌳•Mimosas can also be … Continue reading ‘The heavens declare….

A Perfect Sunday drive

We detoured off the interstate yesterday and took an Off-The-Beaten-Path through New Mexico agriculture country💃 Absolutely beautiful! Perfect Sunday drive...and my 'farm girl knowledge' came in handy when identifying crops and processes🤓 Note: When I ordered 'dirt' for my first garden in the desert and they delivered this sandy red/brown pile to our driveway...I was like … Continue reading A Perfect Sunday drive