Wedding details👰🤵

Yesterday we helped Bryan and Emily #finallyapicture finalize their Wedding Rehearsal details👰🤵 Of course I dove in head first and forgot to take even ONE food picture🤦🏻‍♀️ • Earlier in the day Emily & I found the little knife sharpener guy and got all of their cutlery sharpened…more about this on my business page Better With Food – Maria Barrios💃 • While we waited for the cutlery we had a successful Target shopping trip…AND…got in on the NATIONWIDE TARGET outage🤓 #googleit #wewerethere

• #zoomin and see OU stadium! #beautiful
• Happy Father’s Day Phil and all you dads!
#philmariacrosscountry #boomersooner #Augustwedding #targetnationwideoutage

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