Miles and miles….

Many thoughts of Myron yesterday as we traveled into the dry desert heat💕 Dad and Phil had an ongoing debate for years regarding dry heat/cold versus humid heat/cold🤓 ….and Myron loved to drive🚘 (he did a 100mile roundtrip commute to Edleman Ranch everyday for 26+ years that I’m sure he looked forward to!..and he and Ann never flew to El Paso to visit…always drove)….So as we traveled 550 miles past long horn cattle, feed lots🐂 and wide open fields🌤… I know he would have savored the views too. #happysadmemories

Notes: Also a Big Tourist Day on Route 66 #ConocoTowerStation #UDropInn #ShamrockTexas #Carsmovie #BigTexan #Amarillo #stillnomariadriving #dryheatmeansnobugs #philmariacrosscountry

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