Bedside essentials

His bedside collection is hilarious to me🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ Only life’s essentials make it inside #rvliving!•Notes: That cross was hanging in our first El Paso home in 2005 when we moved in. The previous homeowner was a cut-glass artist.....and I’ve always thought what a cool intentional gesture to leave that blessing behind💃🏻 #philmariacrosscountry #GameOfThrones #glock40cal

Miles and miles….

Many thoughts of Myron yesterday as we traveled into the dry desert heat💕 Dad and Phil had an ongoing debate for years regarding dry heat/cold versus humid heat/cold🤓 ....and Myron loved to drive🚘 (he did a 100mile roundtrip commute to Edleman Ranch everyday for 26+ years that I'm sure he looked forward to!..and he and Ann never flew to El … Continue reading Miles and miles….

Wedding details👰🤵

Yesterday we helped Bryan and Emily #finallyapicture finalize their Wedding Rehearsal details👰🤵 Of course I dove in head first and forgot to take even ONE food picture🤦🏻‍♀️ • Earlier in the day Emily & I found the little knife sharpener guy and got all of their cutlery sharpened...more about this on my business page Better With Food - Maria Barrios💃 • While … Continue reading Wedding details👰🤵

WINDY💨 HUMID💦 Oklahoma!

We made it to WINDY💨 HUMID💦 Oklahoma! We settled into a wonderful campground💃...and yes that oil pump was right outside the office door😎 • I felt like a first time home owner making our place cozy for our dinner guests Bryan & Emily🤣 So far, this tiny living is refreshing.... #askmeagainlateJuly ...all those boxes/items I shuffled around during our 15 moves … Continue reading WINDY💨 HUMID💦 Oklahoma!

Day One through the Heartland

Well ...I’m already breaking the rules with more than one picture🤪 We drove through the #Heartland yesterday and it was beautiful!! Huge fields..some with crops and some without because of the major Spring flooding here. Barns and bales every mile. • Phil was able to chat with his coaching buddy from the Bonesteel-Fairfax days ...Mike Gassen! It had been 20+ … Continue reading Day One through the Heartland

Let our summertime adventure begin💃

We have been busy planning, researching and prepping for our 5,000+ mile RV journey which starts today! My goal🎯 is to post one picture📸 a day as we travel through Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and South Dakota...😳 #justgottiredtypingthatout …..and of course only the #happy #beautiful pictures like our research has promised😍 NOTE: Fasten your seatbelts … Continue reading Let our summertime adventure begin💃