off to Chicago🛫

When I started my ‘veggie peeler’ selling business 23 years ago I had no idea how it would fit into my future!! #zero ...‘working’ along this Summer journey has been incredibly easy! 💃🏻#thankyouhostsandcustomers😎 • Now I get to retreat with my Pampered Chef family in Chicago while Phil golfs 24/7 with his brother Ramon 🏌🏼‍♂️ #winwin philmariacrosscountry #GodsPLANallalong Better With Food - Maria Barrios

Breakfast Burritos for the WIN🙌

We ‘chugged’ (literally🤪) up the Vail Pass⛰ to a beautiful campsite with friends😎 • Breakfast in the mountains...and made by the men is a WIN💃🏻•Notes: A.B. Tellez is a life long buddy of Phil's (and best man in our wedding in 1984) He owns an incredible restaurant ...Rosie’s Diner in Monument, CO ...and brought his skills and recipes🤓 #greenchiliburritos #philmariacrosscountryRosie’s Diner:

’weeping walls’ 🌿

When you venture way back into #ZionCanyon there is unbelievable green foliage...’weeping walls’ they call it🤓 • The location of Zion allows for desert like scenery and huge canyons! Then when the little bit of moisture seeps down through the rocks it creates these beautiful hanging fern walls🌿 and swamps. #elementaryexplanation • Seeing the greenery on this hike reminded me of … Continue reading ’weeping walls’ 🌿