Life Lesson #22347

‘You do not know what other people are going through or have gone through.’
Sadly, I used to judge those who ‘spent time’ at cemeteries… thinking ‘my memories aren’t there…why would I hang out there?!’ Well, now as life has unfolded more for me, I am finding this cemetery very peaceful and a great place to reflect, ponder and plan. Tall grasses and all!
When Phil and I were first married mom had given us a bed for our guest bedroom. It was the iron bed frame and ‘open spring’ boxspring that was dad’s as a kid!! We hauled that around to each home since and many guests have rested on its squeaky support. Last Fall Knotty Gnome Variety & Salvage turned the bed frame …with some wood from the barn… into a wonderful bench! Now I’m ‘hanging out’ at the cemetery too❣️

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