The weather was a perfect Fall day🍂

 2019 comments: and the last ‘time’ I spent with dad. He was happy to take pictures of me out working😎….and even told me which cow/calf pair to photo. (which I knew anyways from my Cattle Judging days🐂) Life Lesson #23467: Make sure you take the detours and make the time…..cuz you just don’t know what the days ahead hold.

2018 comments: This was such a great day one year ago. Dad was happy to snap pictures of me playing rancher that day🤣 He even told me which cow/calf pair to photograph😍 He happily announced ‘you can take the girl off the farm but not the farm outta the girl’ when I absolutely had to relieve myself out there in the wide open prairie! The story that probably never got out was that I DID have to bring my muscle (sounds better than weight!) and help balance out a feeder that day💪 As we left the pasture….we stopped on the top of the hill and just paused to look at the vastness of creation. ▪️ Another lesson learned: Slow down. Savor the days and creation…you just don’t know when you are creating ‘the last memories’.

Original 2017 post: I’m not sure how they manage when I’m not around!?  #geesh #beautifulday #lovethesmellofmoney 😳💪🐂

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