Mourning Muffins🌤️

It is National Muffin Day and my first thought is FREEZER MEATLOAF MUFFINS! Gotta love ’em. If you don’t have a favorite recipe…just Google It and options galore will surface.

I was 23 years old, married and responsible for two little people back in 1989. On a sudden September day life changed as I knew it, when my 46 year old mom fainted and was gone. As an ‘only daughter’, you don’t think of freezer meatloaf muffins immediately……..but you do click into action mode (at least I did)! There was a funeral to plan, hospitality to perform, clothes to pick out, flowers to order, pictures to display and then there was Dad….who was gonna make sure his now quiet kitchen was humming along?

My parents were high school sweethearts…mom being the model farm wife. Hot Breakfast, Noontime Dinner, Beef Supper….with Lunch (snacks) at 10am, 3pm & 10pm! Dad (we) definitely didn’t starve….and the entire house was Midwest punctual. I can remember the ‘huff’ if Myron wasn’t in the house (or at least stepping our way) by the scheduled mealtime! No idea where I get the whole ‘planning/schedule’ mentality from🤪

Back to the Freezer Meatloaf Muffins!! After the dust had settled, guests were gone, Fall fieldwork was kicking into action and we were starting to believe mom was really gone…..I drove to the farm and made 5,002 (or so…haha) Freezer Meatloaf Muffins for dad. What a great idea!! They will be cooked, handy in the freezer…beef he can grab and microwave after a long day in the field. With a deep freezer full of ground beef I might have thawed a bit much and been a little over zealous at the assembly line….but man did the freezer look nice all stacked with meat muffins❤️

then…..after the courtesy years of mourning, it is brought to my attention that many of those mini meatloaves were used to play fetch with the family farm dog!!! YES!! Dad and both of my brothers have told that story and laughed and laughed (when they knew it was safe to share of course). Now I look back too and laugh…I mean really one of those meat muffins every six months is probably enough to satisfy the pallet…he had hundreds. He knew my meal prep for him was out of a caring action love….and I appreciate him keeping the meatloaf hockey puck stories tight lipped until I was ready to receive them with a chuckle as well. National Muffin Day has never been the same since……

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