Writer’s block already ….

…not really! But kinda LOL…..my mind has been swimming with all the food related posts I want to share with you…’overwhelmed writer’s block’ would be a better title I guess.   ANYWAYS….I have chosen RICE for our next topic.  Spanish Rice (Mexican Rice) that is.  And a bonus is I have pictures on file to illustrate the recipe…since this is a highly requested ‘how to’ from our kids.

In fact, over the past few years I have started digitally documenting some of our #FamilyFavorite recipes…so when I get that frantic ‘how do you make…’ text message, I can simply zap back the link. A little different than (forgive me I never know when to use ‘then’ or ‘than’ so please adjust as needed)….back in 1980something when I sat at the dining room table and TYPED  while my mom narrated the family secret recipes.  I can still remember where I sat and where she sat.  Note how my verbiage of the ‘date’ field changed….the session must have started to get a little long!! haha oh man, make sure you take time to have those documenting type of conversations, you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring that is for sure.


Back to RICE:  Phil (my husband of 33 3/4yrs) loves rice. #fact And we know he loves his mom’s rice best right!? haha Because of that, I have strived to accomplish this cooking skill.  Phil’s mom is like many veteran cooks…there just is no recipe. Or maybe it’s because they want to make us wannabes work hard for the secret recipes?!?  Anyways, through many phone counseling calls, looking-over-the-shoulder lessons and a number of mediocre results I am feeling pretty confident about my Mexican Rice making skills💃🏻

So here is my amateur ‘white chic’ version:
Sauté one cup long grain rice in 2T oil. (it will look like a lot of oil but that is part of the secret)
Evernote Camera Roll 20160218 162255
Low and slow until rice is golden brown. This is where I have failed more than once…trying to rush this step or busy making the tacos.  Which btw will be a post someday and we are not talking Taco Johns.  So..yes low and slow…do not leave the kitchen to multitask…low and slow…stay nearby.
Evernote Camera Roll 20160218 165509
Now, add two cups water OR chicken broth OR a combination of the two. If using all water add 2tsp of chicken bouillon (the red lid one is good for this rice for sure for sure).  This is also a good time to toss in a few diced carrots or onions or tomatoes…just don’t get too creative otherwise nobody will like your authentic Spanish rice.  And my motto always is ‘you can add more but you cannot take it out’…esp. with the water, salt, etc…
Evernote Camera Roll 20160218 162239
Bring to a LOW boil and let simmer without the lid until liquid is about 80% absorbed. The top of the rice will have ‘air holes’ appear like in this picture. Do not stir.
Evernote Camera Roll 20160218 165737
Here is where I got excited and failed to get any finale pictures so please visualize with me….

Cover and let simmer until all the moisture is absorbed. After awhile I will even just leave the lid on, turn off the heat…and let it continue to cook/finish…until ready to fluff with a fork.  This whole process is probably about 30 minutes sauté to done.

You will get to the ‘no need to measure’ level too with enough practice.  Rice is cheap so practice practice practice.  You might burn it during the saute step, over salt/season it or stir too much and end up with sticky rice which is not the goal here….but practice makes perfect. It only took me 30+ years so get to practicing!  Plus….this rice left over makes FANTASTIC Fried Rice the next day.

IMPORTANT WINNING NOTE: many Spanish Rice recipes will include a few frozen peas or frozen veggies tossed on top at the end.  Phil really really doesn’t like that variation…so early on in my rice journey I made this small adjustment and BAMM winner of the Favorite Rice Challenge! Not sure if anybody knew they were in a Rice Challenge with me…but I still won💃🏻

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